New adviser website - frequently asked questions

Accessing the adviser site

How do I access the new website?

Why do I have to accept terms and conditions?

How do I register?

I have forgotten my password; how do I change this?

I can’t remember my Online Account Number (OAN) – what do I do?

How do I navigate around the site?

Where can I find contact information?

Where can I find the Document Library?

What has changed from Aviva for Advisers

How do I access Platform Clients?

Where is the Adviser Fund Centre?

How do I search by date of birth?

Where can I find Protection transaction history?

Where can I find contribution and policy details for endowment policies?

How can I do a projection for Pensions?

How do Advisers view their clients' inactive policies?

What has happened to the fund switch option for packaged, bond and Individual & Group Pension products?

How do I do an Individual Personal Pension quote and apply?

How do I complete a Bond Select Investment application?

How do I access Health policies to make changes?

Your data, security and GDPR

Is there any change to how you store or treat data on the new adviser website?

Other useful information

The site isn’t working, how do I get help and support with this?

Also available in online services

Online services overview

Find out more about the online services we offer and get links to the support you need. 

Back office and third party support

Find out more about our pre-sale tools, supported back office (CRM) suppliers and third party portals.

Aviva Platform support

To help you use the system with confidence we’ve developed a series of tools to walk you through the key processes.

Protection services support

ALPS is Aviva Life Protection Solutions, our online protection system for advisers.

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