Coronavirus: Adviser Platform cheque payment update

As the Government continues to ease lock-down restrictions, we’ve been able to bring back a limited number of staff into our offices. This means we’ll be able to start accepting cheques again from 1st July.

As staffing numbers are limited, we would prefer that electronic payments and documents are sent to us wherever possible. However, we do understand that there are some situations where cheques are preferable.

If you have already sent a cheque to us before 1st July, we will make every effort to bank this. However, we may have already started the return process. If you receive a returned cheque, or the money does not appear in your account please let us know.

Please note, we are arranging to remove the platform message which states that cheques cannot be accepted, so you may still see this for a short time while our systems are updated.

 For more information around our service availability please visit the Platform FAQs.