Coronavirus: your Adviser Platform questions answered

Due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19, we’ve had to make some very difficult decisions around how we continue to deliver Contact & Operational Support to advisers and customers, whilst ensuring that we keep our own people as safe as possible when they are working.  

We’ve produced a list of common queries to support you during this time

Are phone lines back up and running?

From the 1 June all our phone lines are back up and running as normal.

What email address do I use to get in contact with you?

You can also email us at where your email will then be routed to the correct team to deal with your query.

How long will it take for me to get a reply to my email?

We will attempt to respond to your emails within 5 working days.

My query is urgent – who can I contact in this case? 

All emails are being triaged on receipt to identify urgent cases. Our classification of an urgent query/request is one that would have a detrimental effect to the customer if not worked quickly. If you have one of these demands please clearly explain the impact to the customer so we can prioritise accordingly.

I've previously submitted a request, will this still get picked up or do I need to get back in touch?

If you have already been in touch with us then your query will already be either in the queue or being worked through.

Are you accepting cheques?

From 1st July we will be able to start accepting cheques again. However, as staffing numbers are limited, we would prefer that electronic payments and documents are sent to us wherever possible.

Are transfer in requests affected?

Transfer in requests that would ordinarily require physical paperwork to be completed by Aviva, are being progressed using electronic alternatives. You should upload a copy of any relevant paperwork to client correspondence, at the point of keying the expectation.

Will customers be able to continue to request drawdown payments?

Yes, these demands can continue to be keyed online and will be picked up by our customer services team where appropriate.

How will Aviva communicate any further changes of service to advisers?

All the latest information will be available via the Aviva for Advisers website and where relevant we will contact you directly.

We are continuously monitoring the situation, taking advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and fully adhering to guidance from Public Health England and recommend you keep checking Aviva for Advisors for the latest position. 

Thank you for your continued support during these challenging times for all of us.