TCF Investment (MAPS Portfolios)



Our low cost, Multi-Asset Portfolio Solutions are an efficiently managed set of models designed to fit with adviser planning processes.

We offer two investment styles (passive and “core and satellite”) and a range of different risk profiles in each.

We offer bespoke investment solutions tailored to fit with the advice process of adviser firms and which allow for more efficient operation for the adviser.

We also provide a range of highly rated support services for advisers.


Range of 5 risk profiles, each with choice of underlying investments: Passive portfolios with active TAA overlay. Core & Satellite (passive core with high alpha satellites), again with TAA overlay. 

Rebalance schedule

Quarterly, or more frequently if market moves require it / we wish to take advantage of tactical opportunities.


Passive Range: 0.25% pa plus VAT (c. 0.4% TCO) Core & Satellite Range:  0.35% plus VAT (c 0.75% TCO)


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