Tideway Investment Partners LLP

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Established in 2009, Tideway Investment Partners LLP is an independently owned firm of asset managers and financial advisers focused on the at retirement market. Tideway Asset Management team brings decades of experience in the fixed income and equity markets to the task of creating Tideway Horizon Portfolios. Horizon portfolios are specifically designed for pension drawdown investors with a view to delivering stable, secure returns ahead of inflation (i.e. positive ‘Real’ returns) after all fees.


Tideway’s Horizon approach allocates capital based on the time horizon, risk appetite and use of funds. We recognise that different assets have different risk and return characteristics so it is really important to correctly align investments with the expected holding period.

  • Tideway Stable Return One (DD1)
  • Tideway Stable Return Two (DD2)
  • Tideway Stable Return Three (DD3)
  • Tideway Low Risk Bond Income (B1)
  • Tideway Bond High Income (B3)
  • Tideway Equity Income (E1)
  • Tideway Equity growth (E2)

Rebalance schedule

Annual Calendar Rebalancing; respective models rebalanced to limits when there is a change in the underlying allocations.



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