COVID-19 Resource Hub

Visit our new COVID-19 Resource Hub

We understand how challenging things are at the moment. 

So to make things as straightforward as possible we’ve pooled all our resources in one hub. 

Here you’ll find advice on how to service clients remotely, deal with changing markets and enjoy quick and easy access to updates and tools. Not to mention some valuable advice on maintaining a healthy state of mind. Working remotely can take some getting used to. As can ‘social distancing’ if you do find yourself back in the office under a new set of rules and guidelines.

Make sure you check in regularly as the hub will adapt as circumstances change. As soon as new updates are available this is where you’ll find them. 

Navigating the pandemic means we have to adapt to our changing circumstances by whatever means necessary. Fortunately most of us already have a range of online tools at our disposal so we can stay connected, and asking clients for a virtual catch up is no longer the barrier it once was. If you have kept in touch you may have found you’ve formed closer relationships with your clients. 

Encouraging them to self-serve using MyAviva can also take some of the volume of work off your hands, whilst raising their levels of interest and engagement, with you as their guide.

Do make sure you check out our section on wellbeing. If someone close to you is vulnerable this time can be incredibly stressful. You need to look after yourself first and foremost. 

Hopefully when this pandemic is over is we will all be more able to adapt, more connected and stronger than ever before. 

Visit our COVID-19 Resource Hub

In the meantime, if you need help please don’t hesitate to get in touch.