Keep your clients safe from investment scams

We’ve had several reports of fraudsters using bonds and ISA products to target people looking for a better return on their money.

These criminals have been promoting investment offers which look too good to true on fake websites. They’ve been promoting them by setting up fake comparison sites and buying adverts on search engines, such as Google and Bing, to appear when people search for things like ‘best bonds’ and ‘best ISAs’.

They often pose as Aviva employees to gain customers’ trust. To help stop customers falling victim to this investment scam, we’ve included examples of emails fraudsters have sent to encourage people to invest and the full list of the sites to be wary in our article Beware of fake bond and ISA sites. We’re updating the list every time we’re made aware of a new fake site being set up.

If you have any concerns that you or your clients have seen these fake offers advertised or been contacted by someone encouraging investment in bonds and ISAs which seemed suspicious, you can report it directly to us using our scam report form. We’ll be able to investigate it further and stop these criminals in their tracks.