Paper-free choice for your clients' Aviva Platform documents

Adviser FAQs

We've been reviewing our paper outputs on the Aviva Platform as part of our commitment to tackling climate change and achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2040. We are now able to offer your clients the ability to go paper-free for most of their Aviva Platform documents. This not only means that clients can be more environmentally conscious, but they are also able to access their documents at any time, from one secure online location. Clients will be able to choose their paper preferences when they log in to MyAviva online or the MyAviva mobile app. 

What’s changing for me as an adviser? Is there anything I need to do?

  • There are no extra steps for you to take in the adviser process, as Aviva Platform clients will be paper based by default.
  • You may notice we will no longer be asking you to provide us with a client email address in the New Business journey, this is to ensure the only email contact details we hold are those provided by the client themselves. We have already removed all existing client email addresses, so that these are no longer visible in the Aviva Platform.  This ensures that we have  the correct email address given directly to us by each client, which follows our risk and control procedures.
  • We recommend you contact your clients to tell them about this option. We’ve put together an email template which you might like to use – it explains your clients’ options but also reassures them that nothing will change unless they decide to go paperless.

What’s changing for my clients?

By default, your clients will be set to receive paper, should your clients wish to select paperless, they can do so through MyAviva. If they choose this option most of the post we send will stop. They can enable and disable paperless at any time.

If clients have previously selected paperless through MyAviva before July 2021, they will have been switched back on to paper, therefore they will need to go back into MyAviva and select paperless. This is to ensure we are capturing the correct email addresses to follow our risk and control procedures.

Which documents will remain as paper?

There are a number of documents which will always be sent to your clients in the post, which can be for regulatory and legal reasons. These documents are:

  • change of bank account details letter
  • change of address letter
  • changes to terms and conditions.

Why go paperless?

By going paper-free clients can access their Aviva Platform documents via their MyAviva account. Rather than sorting through and keeping paperwork at home, they can view their Aviva Platform documents in one secure location, which can be accessed at any time. Choosing to go paperless means Aviva will use and send less paper, allowing clients to be more environmentally friendly and helping Aviva to achieve its target of net zero carbon emissions by 2040.

How can my clients access the paper preferences choices?

Through MyAviva online or the MyAviva mobile app. Guides on how to register, log in and select paper preferences can be found in the MyAviva guide and How to go paper-free guide.

Will paperless be available to all clients?

The way to access and select paperless is via MyAviva, so any client who has access and can register for MyAviva can select paperless if they wish. This therefore excludes Trusts, Corporate & White label clients.

Will you be contacting clients directly?

We will be adding some wording in the welcome letters for new clients, and also including a flyer in client quarterly statements, explaining their paper preferences. 

Who can I go to for any further help?

For any further information or support with paper preferences, please speak to your usual Aviva contact.