Adviser feedback on working through lockdown

What will be your new way of working?

Many parts of our lives have changed as a result of lock-down and the online shopping boom looks set to continue beyond the restrictions. For lots of us, one of the biggest impacts has been on the way we work. A typical day no longer revolves around catching up on work in between clients visits or spending several hours in the office.  Even the most tech-phobic of us are logging in and out of systems without a second thought; but what happens when we go back to normal?

Getting up to speed

Perhaps ‘normal’ is already here. Restrictions are easing but there are indications people are not simply reverting to life before the pandemic. We’ve run several webinars with the lang cat over the last few months, and the feedback from these suggest many advisers are looking forward, not going back to the status quo.

The webinars produced some really valuable discussions on how we can, and should, be working. One interesting discovery was that clients are happy with a more digital approach to their finances. Of course, there will always be clients who prefer face-to-face meetings, and these will always be available. But the acceptance of digital methods by a majority of existing clients has come as a bit of a surprise.

When the machines talk to each other

Of course, technology has to be able to support our working practices. There’s still some way to go – manual re-keying of information into different systems still wastes far too much time. We are making progress in other areas, however, with the Aviva platform developing to accept all formats of e-signatures in the near future.

There are still concerns around the security of working online, and email security is a particular issue for advisers. However, many advisers like sending and receiving documents online, instead of on paper. They feel okay using secure processes with providers who have robust digital audit trails, can timestamp and tag IP addresses of parties who sign documents.

Get the full story

Working with the lang cat we’ve put together a report on all the findings from the webinars. We’ve also taken a look at how adviser lock-down experiences will shape the service we offer going forward.

Read all about it by clicking on the link

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