Aviva Stewardship Funds are now available on the Aviva Platform

Launched in 1984, the Stewardship funds have a proud heritage as the UK's first range of ethical funds, while incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations.

Aviva Investors have launched OEIC feeder fund versions of the Aviva Stewardship funds. This now enables Financial Advisers and Discretionary Investment Managers to access them through Investment Portfolio and ISA Portfolio and complements their existing availability through Pension Portfolio on the Aviva Platform.

The Stewardship Funds offer an investment option for clients who are wanting to make a difference with their money, knowing it can be used for positive change while also seeking long-term sustainable returns and investment. You can read more about the funds in the Stewardship Annual Report.

The Stewardship Funds Philosophy recognises that the contribution companies make to a sustainable society depends on the products and services they provide and the way they provide them. This results in the funds excluding companies that do not meet certain ethical standards or that harm society or the environment, while supporting and engaging with companies that are making a significant positive contribution.

Drawing on the expertise of our equities, fixed income and responsible investment teams, they work together to build portfolios that place greater emphasis on funds with ESG credentials, while actively engaging with companies to encourage best business practices.

What ESG support is Aviva providing?

We listened to feedback from our advisers around what ESG support they want from Aviva. As result, we’ve recently created an ESG Resource hub designed to support, collaborate and create a difference.

The hub contains a wealth of information to help broaden adviser and clients’ knowledge of ESG as well as practical guidance, CPD accredited training, support and insight.

We’ll keep updating the hub with new and relevant content to inform, educate and above all, support.

Visit the hub here.