Could smoothing work for your clients? Get the facts from Defaqto.

Choosing investment solutions can be a complex business. In the current economic environment many clients may be worried about market volatility and low interest rates, and we know how important it is to you to help address these concerns. 

That's why we asked Defaqto to conduct a rigorous, independent review of our Smooth Managed Funds, which will help you to answer the questions your clients might have when considering if a smoothed fund might be the right solution for them. Questions like:

  • For which clients is the Smooth Managed Fund Range suitable?               
  • What is the investment process behind the Smooth Managed Funds?     
  • How can the Smooth Managed Funds mitigate risk?       

The review looks at all aspects of the funds, including the recently launched low to medium risk version, Smooth Managed Fund 2, and the upcoming launch of Smooth Managed Funds on ISA. Find out if the Smooth Managed Funds could be right for your clients by reading the report today, or email our dedicated team of Smooth Managed Fund experts. 

Alternatively visit the Smooth Managed Funds hub for more information about the range of Smooth Managed Funds available. 

The value of the investment in the Smooth Managed Funds can go down as well as up, and investors may get back less than they put in.