ESG Profiler – a way to assess the ESG performance of individual holdings

Enabling ESG client conversations and providing information to analyse ESG claims

Advisers can now use our ESG Profiler to give each client’s holdings an independent assessment against six key ESG preferences. Taking data from MSCI and Sustainalytics you can confirm, where data is available, if holdings have a strong ESG rating.

The Profiler is available on the Aviva Platform, with plans to roll it out more widely to other platforms.

The six key preferences, the way they are measured are:

  •  Climate change – in CO2 weight
  • Waste – in kilograms
  •  Water security – in litres
  •  Deforestation – level of involvement
  • Women in leadership – percentage of women on boards
  • Human rights – level of involvement

The third key dimension of fund selection

Mike Hogg, Head of Platform Proposition, believes ESG is as integral to fund selection as price and performance, but it isn’t always easy to find the information you need:

“There is a proliferation of information in the market, almost to a bewildering degree. This tool was designed to cut through the noise and provide an objective assessment of the assets in a client’s portfolio, allowing them to decide on what action they want to take to meet their investment aims in line with values that are important to them.”

Making a real difference

It’s worth remembering how much of an impact investments can have on your client’s carbon footprint. Back to Mike Hogg:

“Where people invest their money can have a much larger impact on their carbon footprint than most realise – research we carried out with Make My Money Matter (MMMM) shows that switching a pension to a sustainable option has 21 times more impact than becoming vegetarian, stopping flying and switching to a sustainable energy provider combined.”

Ready to try it out? 

Your clients can make a real difference through their investments. We can help make sure those investments are the right choices for them through rigorous, open and transparent ESG assessment. 

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