Introducing new functions for our ESG tool

In November 2021 Aviva took the market leading step of launching the first Platform ESG Profiler Tool. Integrated into our Platform, using this tool means advisers can give clients’ holdings an independent assessment against a range of key ESG preferences, from climate change to deforestation, using various data providers including MSCI and Sustainalytics.

Your feedback has been extremely positive and we are pleased to announce additional functionality. This includes:

  • the first of its kind client facing ESG reports
  • more ESG preferences to choose from
  • enhanced research capabilities.

An ESG report for your clients

The client facing ESG report gives you the ability to export your client’s data from the tool into a client facing PDF document. You can download an example of the report here.

When you access the ESG Profiler tool you’ll find an updated landing page and a ‘Reporting’ button. Click on this and then follow a simple process to set your client’s report. You can select up to four preferences and up to six exclusionary items before clicking ‘Generate report’ to create a PDF.

More ESG preferences to pick from

Following the addition of ‘Recycling’ and ‘Corporate governance’ our ninth preferences, 'Air pollution', will be shortly available to review holdings against. This preference is focused on promoting cleaner air for all, Something that’s crucial for health and wellbeing globally.

The air pollutant metric shows the quantity of air pollution particles released by the invested companies. The pollution figure is generated for the company and ownership is then calculated against the value held in the client portfolio. Full details of how this is calculated is included both within the tool reference material and as part of the Introduction to the Aviva Platform ESG Tool document.

Greater ESG research capabilities via our Investment Centre

In April we also took steps to enhance the ESG research capabilities for advisers via our Investment Centre. You can now filter against positive criteria such as pollution prevention, renewable energy and positive human rights records, and screen out negative criteria like gambling, alcohol or tobacco. You also have the ability to compare funds side by side and look at carbon intensity, women in leadership, green revenue and brown revenue figures. And if you just want a simple ESG risk score, we’ve introduced that too. It’s been great to see a steady increase in usage of the tool and it’s clear that more and more advisers are considering ESG. We have more exciting ESG developments planned this year, demonstrating our commitment to supporting advisers on the ESG journey.

For more information on the ESG Profiler tool please see our user guide.