Acting on Climate Change

Many of your clients will be starting to think about the impact they’re having on our planet and how through investing responsibly they can start taking small steps to help protect it. ​Clients want to be able to do good with their money. This shift towards responsible investing means they’re likely to be looking for advice on how to green their pensions and investments.

As a pensions and investment provider we want to help create a world that everyone can enjoy, both during their working lives and in retirement. To do this,  we need to start tackling climate change now. We’re working with Make My Money Matter in an effort to show how the power of pensions and investments can have a positive impact on climate change.

Research from Aviva, Route2 and Make My Money Matter has revealed some powerful statistics that suggest switching to a green pension is the single most effective action an individual can take to reduce their carbon footprint;

By greening a pension, you can cut your carbon footprint 21x more than giving up flying, going veggie and switching energy provider. All from the comfort of your sofa. *

To help towards a better future for our planet, we’ve set an ambition of becoming a net zero company by 2040. This means reaching a stage where we aren’t adding any extra greenhouse gases to the environment than those we take away. ​This is our way of doing our bit. And here’s how we plan to make that happen.​

Money invested will be used for good 

As well as changing how we do things day to day, our ambition impacts all the investment funds we control. It means you can be confident that we’ll help you invest your clients’ money in ways that will allow us to get a step closer to reaching our net zero ambition. ​

Their money’s still being invested, so values may go down as well as up and they may get back less than has been invested. ​

Rob Barker, Managing Director, UK Savings & Retirement at Aviva, commented:

“Pension savings have incredible potential for contributing towards climate goals. With over five million pension customers, and as the first major UK financial services company with a plan to meet net zero by 2040, we take our responsibility very seriously - which is why we commissioned this research. We’re excited to be working with Make My Money Matter, to ensure people have a better understanding of how their pension can be used to create a better future. ​

 “We recognise that many people now expect some level of sustainability to be built into whatever they buy. That’s why the investment and pensions assets controlled by us are included in our 2040 sustainability ambition - the most demanding target of any major insurance company in the world today.”

*To read more about the methodology and how we’re acting on climate change visit

You can use the adviser and client facing materials we’ve created on our ESG Resource Hub to engage your own clients and prospects around climate change and their pensions.

You can also direct your clients to our responsible investing pages here where they can find more information on how to do good with their money.