£982m paid out by Aviva to individual protection customers in 2019

Together we exist to support our customers when they need us the most. For that reason, we’re committed to sharing with you our claims experiences to support you in building customer trust and closing the protection gap.

Today, we’re proud to say that Aviva individual protection policies paid out £981,997,431 to more than 26,500 UK customers and their families during 2019, with just 3.7% of all claims received being declined.

Life claims
We paid £582m to the families of life insurance customers who died or were diagnosed with a terminal illness last year. A total of 16,363 life and terminal illness claims were paid, representing 98.6% of claims received.

Critical illness claims
A further £353m was paid out on policies where either the customer or one of their children had been diagnosed with a critical illness, or where the customer met the definition for total permanent disability. A total of 4,957 claims, or 93.1%, were accepted.

Income protection claims
On individual income protection, £44m in benefit payments were paid to 4,007 customers during last year, including 1,189 as new claims. 85.7% of new claims were accepted.

Additionally, we also paid just below £3m to 1,185 customers with Fracture Cover policies.

Supporting customers and the NHS in challenging times

This year we have been forced to face how uncertainty can hit us all and how our lives can change in a matter of days. The coronavirus pandemic has sadly demonstrated how anyone can be a victim of a serious illness, having a lasting impact on quality of life and the loss of loved ones.

Aviva has signed up to the ABI pledge not to place unnecessary burden on the NHS by doing what we can to avoid requesting medical reports on claims unless essential, giving GPs and Consultants time to focus on dealing with the pandemic.

Our claims processes already allow us to pay a lot of our claims quickly, without needing to write to the customer’s GP or Consultant. For example, we always ask customers to email us any medical information they have so we can pay claims by using copies of hospital letters and reports. We also work with Cancer Nurse specialists to verify customer’s medical conditions over the phone. This has meant that despite the challenges brought by the pandemic, for April and so far in May, Aviva have been paying out 60% of all claims within 30 days.

We’ll continue to work hard to support you and your customers throughout the pandemic and beyond – and we remain committed to paying claims and being here for our customers when they need us the most.

For further details and breakdown of our 2019 claims, please view our full press release.

Please note, figures for life, critical illness, income protection and fracture claims have been rounded to the nearest million.