Giving clients what they need to take back control

One of our income protection customers, Alia, was diagnosed with a brain tumour and had to put her job as an NHS doctor on hold. We were able to provide her with extensive support and rehabilitation to get her back on the wards and doing what she loves.

Watch our customer facing video and discover Alia’s journey.

Aviva’s individual Income Protection+ policies provide access to rehabilitation services that create vital support from vocational and clinical experts when policyholders suffer a debilitating injury or illness. To make this happen, our income protection claims teams listen to what customers want to achieve and aim to help them do what it takes to get there. After an injury or illness, people need to regain control of their lives

From cancer to ‘long Covid’, Aviva delivered rehab*

Working alongside specialist providers, Aviva delivered some impressive rehab statistics last year. In 2021, more than three in four (78%) of Aviva’s income protection policyholders got back to work following rehabilitation support. In 2021 we had a total of 232 new rehabilitation cases and supported 416 customers getting back to work. Almost one in three (30%) of our rehabilitation cases were clients with mental health conditions. We also helped policyholders with musculoskeletal conditions and with cancer cases.

A recent development was ‘long Covid’ which has wide-ranging symptoms, from breathlessness to chronic fatigue, to what’s been described as ‘brain fog’. None of these conditions encourage a productive day at work. Although this is a relatively new condition, we were able to help 91% of policy holders with it get back to work after rehabilitation.

A focus on positive, practical solutions

As income protection covers such a wide range of scenarios, it’s not always possible that customers can go back to the job they were doing before. In these instances, we have worked with them to try and find solutions that work for them, this could be helping them to get back to work part time, allowing them still to claim a partial IP payment to cover the deficit in wages. Where the illness or injury has been particularly detrimental to their job, we have helped customers retrain and develop new skills in a different profession, as you can imagine, for younger clients who have many years ahead of work this is something that is particularly important as it gives them back their independence.

Recognising the impact

Julie Higman, Aviva’s Income Protection Product Manager explains: “Income protection gives clients the money to help pay bills and focus on recovery and getting back to work. What makes us stand out is the help and support we give people to help them get there.” She adds: “The answer isn’t always straightforward. We recognise that often it’s the whole family that can be affected.

To sum up, income protection is far more than a transaction between client and insurer. There’s a human story behind each claim, which involves the client’s wellbeing, their way of life and the finely-balanced financial backdrop to every situation. 

Watch our customer facing story that brings all of this to life.  

*Figures based on available 2021 IP rehab data