Changes to the protection online application process

Upfront AMRA and GP details required from 21 November

We're making some changes to our online application and underwriting process to provide a smoother application journey for our customers.

From 21 November 2021, your clients will need to provide an Access to Medical Reports Act (AMRA) consent form and their GP details as part of the online journey.

In the rare cases where medical evidence is required, these changes will allow us to request medical evidence as soon as an application is received, helping to avoid unnecessary delays for you and your clients.

What this means
  • When applying for protection on behalf of your clients, you'll need to complete the new online AMRA declaration of consent at the start of the protection application journey. This will be captured electronically and there is no requirement for a paper AMRA consent form.
  • If you're processing a paper application and not going through the online application journey, you'll need to get your client's AMRA consent before the application can be processed. An AMRA form is provided within the pack.
  • Your client's GP details will also be requested as part of this improved process.
  • These improvements will allow us to request access to medical information more quickly should we need to.
  • Getting AMRA consent and GP information upfront means we can improve the online application experience for our customers. 

For more information, please see our FAQs or speak to your Account Manager.

Look out for these changes to your online protection applications from 21 November 2021.