September Service Updates

Fracture Cover

We’ve updated our fracture cover sports exclusion wording for motorcycle sports.   We want to provide clarity for you and your customers should they need to claim for a motorcycle sports injury under our fracture cover.  

This will now read:

‘We won’t cover a fracture that happens when taking part in any of the following; mountain biking or BMX; boxing, cage fighting or martial arts; rugby or Gaelic football; horse riding; any form of motor cycle sport or event including practice, competing or track days, or motor cycling off-road, trail riding or green-lane riding.’

Income Protection Eligibility

We’ve updated one of our Income Protection+ & Living Costs Protection eligibility questions.   This has been improved in light of the changes we have recently made to our residency criteria.   This removes the need to have been working in certain territories in the last 12 months.

This eligibility question will now say:

‘To apply for this product, you must: have been working for the past 12 months and are able to provide evidence of your earnings for that period.’

Life Insurance update

We’ve added some guidance around the importance of making sure the right people benefit from a life policy. This includes signposting the benefits of will and trusts.

There is a common misconception that cohabitees or “common-law” partners have an automatic right to benefit from a life policy. This isn’t always the case. When someone has taken all the right steps to put protection in place, we don’t want them to forget that final step of ensuring that any benefit will actually go to their chosen loved ones. 

Business Protection and Relevant Life Support Services

Following a review of the support services used by Business Protection and Relevant Life customers, we have removed the Best Doctors Second Medical Opinion service from these products for both new and existing customers. Any customers currently using the service will be allowed to complete the process but no new requests will be accepted.

Simplifying Global Treatment

Global Treatment has evolved as a benefit. We’ve made it better and faster by making it simpler and smarter for new and exisiting customers  Instead of working with two providers, our process is now more streamlined with one partner, Further. This simple approach means clients can access treatment options sooner, with direct access through their nurse case manager from the moment they start a claim. Any customer currently using the Best Doctors service will still receive their second opinion, but any new claims for Global Treatment raised from 19th September 2021 will be directed to Further.

COVID underwriting change

With effect from 22nd August, customers will no longer need to disclose they are self-isolating or have had contact with someone who has had Coronavirus (COVID-19). This will result in more customers receiving an immediate acceptance. 

Implementation of the Fracture Cover, IP eligibility changes,  Global Treatment, and business protection changes

We will implement these changes from the 19 September 2021.

Pipeline business

·         If an application has already been submitted prior to 19 September then these changes will not apply. 

·         If an adviser has quoted but not yet submitted an application then the changes will be applied once an application is submitted.