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Global Treatment

The power of choice when your clients need it

When someone becomes seriously ill, they’re not just facing a diagnosis that could affect their whole life. They’re facing an overwhelming range of emotions. Initial shock evolves into stress, as they have to digest often complex medical information and make important decisions about treatment and their future. It’s a lot to take in. 

What they need is the right treatment, delivered quickly and seamlessly. That could be NHS treatment. It could be private treatment. Or it could be treatments outside of the UK which can be more suitable to treat the specific condition, or simply aren’t available at home.

That’s why we offer Global Treatment alongside other Aviva personal protection products.

Global Treatment isn’t a replacement of the NHS. We simply provide treatment options to complement the NHS and private care so you can offer your clients what’s important – the power of choice at a time when they feel powerless and at their most vulnerable. Working alongside Further, we offer Global Treatment to your clients and their eligible children if they are diagnosed with a serious illness and require any of the medical procedures outlined below:

•                     Cancer treatment

•                     Coronary artery bypass surgery

•                     Heart valve replacement or repair

•                     Neurosurgery (surgery for conditions like benign brain or spinal cord tumours)

•                     Live-donor organ transplants

•                     Bone marrow transplant

For £3 per month this gives direct access to treatment for their condition, outside of the UK. Further go beyond just taking care of the treatment, arranging all logistics involved with the process including travel and accommodation if someone chooses to see doctors abroad. They have a dedicated medical team to review cases and identify treatment centres to consult on the case. This is all part of their end-to-end service to make sure things run smoothly and efficiently. 

So, what makes Global Treatment the right option to offer your client? If your client wants expertise and choice on their side, it takes a few things.

It takes care. It takes attention to detail. It takes a smart, simple process.

It takes Aviva.

How Global Treatment works with other products

Global Treatment is a valuable addition. It’s available for your clients alongside Aviva’s protection products; Life Insurance+, Critical Illness+, Income Protection+ and Living Costs Protection. This is more than just an add-on because we think Global Treatment has much more value to people. It’s a benefit which enhances the core cover that our other policies provide, giving access to the latest international treatment, wherever it’s available. 

Our end-to-end service

We know that when people need us, they’re likely going through a very stressful time. It’s therefore our aim to reduce that stress by doing as much as we possibly can for them, taking away the worry of organization and admin so they can focus on getting better. The end-to-end service provided by Further takes a client right through the entire medical consultation and treatment process, and begins with one call after diagnosis, when they are assigned a nurse case manager along with a dedicated care team. The care team identify and help your client choose the right treatment centre, which will review their case and present treatment options for them to select from. If they wish to travel for treatment, Further will pay for and organise hospital admission, and will arrange travel and 3–4-star accommodation for both the patient and a companion. Upon return to the UK, the benefit will cover ongoing medication costs that are not funded by the NHS up to £50,000. 

Simplifying our service

Global Treatment has evolved as a benefit. We’ve made it better and faster by making it simpler and smarter. Instead of working with two providers, our process is now more streamlined with one partner, Further. This simple approach means clients can access treatment options sooner, with direct access through their nurse case manager from the moment they start a claim.

This is the power of simplicity – making Global Treatment easier than ever. It’s just one call to Further; one contact, one provider, one purpose. Allowing us to deliver a faster service when it matters most. 

Bringing cover to life

To give a fuller view of our service, we’ve created a handy step-by-step guide on how it works for your clients. It’s easy to see how our plan takes away the worry and lets people focus on their treatment. 

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For the full details and the financial limits associated with Global Treatment, please refer to the relevant policy conditions.