Improvements to our underwriting process

Making it easier for you and your clients

At Aviva, we constantly review our underwriting philosophy to ensure that we remain easy to do business with.

Following a review of our non-medical limits on our protection products, we’ve identified areas where we can introduce changes that can help speed the on-boarding of our customers, provide greater flexibility and service, and ensure Aviva’s limits remain some of the best in the market.

Effective from 6th December, we are making the following changes to our protection products, excluding Simple Life Insurance:

  • Increasing the threshold at which we send a client for a Doctor examination, replacing these with Nurse examinations at lower sum assured values.
  • Moving the vast majority of routine exercise ECGs to a simple blood test to speed things up for your customers. We’re also adding this test to our requirements for some customers aged 50 and over, who would already be required to give a blood sample. For full details, please refer to the tables in our Automatic underwriting requirements document.
  • Improving our non-medical limits at younger ages for life cover and critical illness cover, increasing the threshold at which we request medical evidence.

The benefits to you and your clients:

By replacing almost 75% of Doctor examination requests with Nurse examinations at lower sum assured values, we’re providing greater flexibility for your clients. Nurse screenings can be carried out anywhere, such as your client’s home or workplace, rather than having to arrange an appointment at a surgery.

We’re also removing the need for the majority of customers to undergo an exercise ECG. The simple blood test which replaces it is quicker and more convenient for your client and will make arranging an appointment easier, as they won’t need to attend a surgery where exercise ECG equipment is available.

Overall, by making these changes, we’re making it easier for you to place business with us and to give your clients the cover they need more quickly.

What happens next?

We will request medical evidence as usual but continue to work closely with our medical screening partners on protocols and procedures to meet the health and safety challenges of COVID-19 which include:

  • Training for staff on the latest guidelines
  • Pre-screening customers before booking appointments
  • Wearing of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of equipment

Medicals Direct will be in touch with new and pipeline applicants to book screenings where required. We will of course only go ahead and book an appointment with your client if they are happy to do so and have agreed to it.

For more information please speak to your Aviva Account Manager.