Changing Client Situations?

We're giving you the flexibility to help.

From making small changes in the application journey to adapting to life’s big changes, here are just some of the ways our menu offering can help you to provide better cover and service to your clients.

What goes up can also come down

Incomes can change unexpectedly, but our Income Protection includes one of the best-in-market benefit guarantees, so your client’s lifestyles don’t necessarily have to change.

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For renters, a change in living circumstances can be challenging. Our protection policies are designed to adapt to changing circumstances to make things a little easier.  

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All change

Whether you want to compare quotes, edit an application, or you’ve simply noticed an error, our digital platform’s quote edit functionality allows you to make changes quickly and easily.

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Help yourself with self-serve

Keeping track of applications can be a handful. From accessing documents to real-time notifications on your cases, having everything in one place means you make the most of your time.

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