We are now offering dual valuations

For some time now we have successfully been running our Dual Valuations service with e.surv (our surveying partner) across the United Kingdom (except for the instances of a localised lockdown).

Our approach is designed to give maximum flexibility to you and our mutual customers providing physical valuations where it is safe to do so. Remote valuations will remain available where acceptance and lending criteria allows.

In the eventuality of the Government ordering a localised lockdown, e.surv may need to suspend all physical property inspections. Aviva will continue to accept physical valuation applications and e.surv are able to receive instructions for these which will be placed ‘on hold’ in readiness for the restriction to be lifted.

We will notify you of any physical inspections being placed ‘on hold’ and will confirm once they recommence. Should the customer wish to proceed with a remote valuation please provide us with a Personal Quote Summary and we will cancel the physical valuation inspection and instruct a remote valuation.

  • Physical valuations and physical revaluations are based on our full Lending Criteria
  • Remote valuations are based on our remote valuation Lending Criteria and 10% reduction of the estimated property value for all initial and additional borrowing