We've made some recent updates to our lending criteria

We’re continually evolving our lending criteria based on feedback from you and your clients, and to ensure we can keep lending alongside property legislation affecting the wider housing market.

As a result of this, we are launching a new 'Tenants deed of consent' to replace the Occupant’s Deed for a tenant in a self-contained part of the property. It provides the tenant with important information about the lifetime mortgage, and clearly aligns and supports the rights a tenant has under their tenancy agreement. 

We've also made some changes to our requirements for Ground Rent and for properties where an Estate Rent charge exists, to ensure protection for both your client and Aviva.

These changes apply to all new offers issued from Monday 19th October 2020. All offers that have already been issued and any with our solicitors will remain on the current process.  

For more information on these updates, please click here.

You can find our full lending criteria document in our document library.