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Practical digital ideas to help you grow your business

Clients are increasingly turning to digital technology to research and buy financial products and services. This offers advisers some unique opportunities to market your business and to connect with both new and existing clients. Here we show what you can do to make sure that digital technology is working for your business.

Maximise your digital potential

Help clients to find you

A fundamental aspect of marketing your professional advice online is making sure potential customers can find you and your website. Search engine optimisation - SEO - sounds like a grand endeavour, but it's really just designing and writing your web content to make sure search engines like Google can find it. Good SEO also helps push your site to the top of the list.

According to a survey conducted by Brafton, 80% of people use search engines to find local business, and the higher you rank, the more clicks you’ll get. Try a simple search for your website. Use keywords such as ‘financial adviser’ or ‘financial advice’ and see how your site ranks.

Tips for getting started and improving your searchability

There are loads of great blog sites that can help you understand SEO and keep up to date with the latest developments. We picked out a few here and you’ll find plenty more… by searching online!

Google tools

You may already be familiar with Google's search tools and the way they can help you market your business online. But did you know Google has other tools that could be equally as useful to your business?

From planning and insight to web-building and email tools, Google has them all. And, best of all, a lot of them are free to use.

Take a look at Google Business Solutions now.

You can also check out some other ways that Google can help you run your digital business effectively:

  • Google Surveys - makes it easy to get fast, reliable opinions from users across the internet
  • Google Analytics - lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as tracking your social media sites and apps
  • Google Trends - the latest searches and the latest content being browsed from Google

Social media

Social media is driven by its users. It lets people create and drive opinion, comment on trends and, more importantly, hear a different point of view.

Social media could be an effective way to gain trust with potential clients. It gives you the chance to show both your personality and your expertise. You can use it as a networking tool or to build your online reputation.


If you don't already have social media accounts, it's free and easy to create them through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. And you can get your existing profiles working harder for you with help from these social media business tools:

Content is king

Content is king

Creating better content shows the value of your advice. Engaging content helps you demonstrate your expertise and builds trust with clients - helping you to display your knowledge and establish your reputation as a financial adviser.

Search engines place great emphasis on content when ranking web pages, so good content can increase the visibility of your site and help potential clients.

You don't need to post long passages about industry changes. Instead, post regular, bite-size pieces that you think your clients might find interesting. This could be a small press release or a short opinion piece, a reminder about the end of the tax year - the possibilities are endless. But by publishing regularly, you'll help keep your website at the top of the rankings and in the public eye.

Browse these sites for ideas for creating content for your website, and there are plenty of others out there too.

Online tools

Did you know, there are a number of online business tools you can use? And a lot of them are free.

We've had a look at some of the free ones that can help save you time and money. Take look at these 3 - and if you like what you see, why not search for more?

  • SurveyMonkey - good survey software can make market research far easier and less time consuming
  • Harvest - a powerful tool you can use to track and analyse your time and create branded invoices
  • Buzzsumo - searches for topics and content that is trending most across the web