Your Equity Release questions answered

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General Support

What material is available to support you?

How do I register for your Adviser website?

How can you contact us?

What is Aviva’s approach to valuations?

What happens if there are lockdowns/restrictions imposed by the government?

What are the costs of valuations?

Information on remote valuations

When is a remote valuation allowed?

Why are you restricting the property value for remote valuations?

Why is the remote valuation criteria different to physical valuations?

What happens if I want to challenge the remote valuation?

I have submitted a remote valuation application, which is declined, what will happen?

Can I change from a remote valuation to a physical valuation?

Information on physical valuations

Physical instructions are available for properties in the United Kingdom where it is safe to do so, in relation to the customer's circumstances and the duty of care to the surveyor.

Are there any changes to the Physical Valuation Lending Criteria?

When is a physical valuation not allowed?

Can I change from a physical valuation to a remote valuation?

I have submitted a physical valuation, which is declined, what will happen?


How do I use your applications with my customers?

Enhanced applications and GP checks

Additional property questions

What is our stance on essential repairs?

What are the changes to solicitors’ processes and how is Aviva responding?

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