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Coronavirus: your group protection questions answered

Coronavirus: your group protection questions answered

The COVID-19 pandemic remains a dynamic situation. We recognise that the pandemic and the Government's response both continue to evolve and we are monitoring the situation carefully. This bulletin provides answers to a number of frequently asked questions, clarifying Aviva's response and how we aim to help protect our customers, colleagues and associates.


Life Insurance

Critical Illness

Income Protection

Will Aviva need to see any additional information for claims?

Event limits

Is a ‘pandemic’ included in your definition of a ‘catastrophe’?

Can the catastrophe clause only be invoked when a pandemic is formally declared?

Where can the client find details of a scheme’s event limit?

Is a time limit applied to the event limit?

How is Aviva’s event limit defined?

Travel Restrictions

Do your policy terms require clients to follow Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) travel guidance?

Do any additional travel information requirements apply to forthcoming rate reviews or quotes?

Temporary Policy Adjustments

Can an employee carry out temporary alternative work with another organisation during the pandemic?

Where an employee has had their hours or pay temporarily reduced by their employer (including those under the Government Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme), will we consider retaining cover based on the member’s salary prior to the reduction?

Can cover continue where an employer has been legally forced by the UK Government to temporarily close due to Coronavirus restrictions ?

Are Aviva applying any restrictions on Life Insurance?

For schemes where eligibility is linked to active Pension Scheme membership (i.e. paying contributions), where members have elected to take a contribution break due to their hours being reduced or they have been furloughed, will we be prepared to maintain their level of cover?

How can we support clients who are struggling financially due to COVID-19?

Flexible Benefit & Voluntary Benefit Schemes

What changes can employees make to their voluntary benefits in respect of COVID-19?

What assistance can be provided for those employees who, as a result of COVID-19, are struggling to fund the level of voluntary cover they have selected?

What is our stance regarding flexible benefit election window?

Medical Underwriting

Have you added any new medical underwriting questions?

What's happening about medical underwriting requirements; are you still processing medical evidence?

What happens if you can't obtain a medical examination?

Are you extending Temporary Cover during the underwriting process, or adding Temporary Cover to those members not usually eligible?

'Actively at work'

Would you pay a Group Income Protection claim for a member who is fit for work but has been advised to shield because they are in a high risk group?

If a member is self-isolating and then becomes infected, how would this affect deferred periods for Group Income Protection?

Business Continuity Plan

Has your organisation taken precautions to mitigate the spread of COVID-19?

Have steps been taken to address any potential impacts associated with third parties who support your operations?

Will Aviva relax processes which require documents to have a wet signature, so that scanned copies will be accepted instead?

Can brokers and clients still contact members of the team via the usual numbers?

Are there any impacts on Aviva processing incoming mail?

Is Aviva able to send outgoing mail in the post?

What if I have a question that is not covered?

Generic Disclosure

What guidance do you offer regarding COVID-19?

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