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Coronavirus: your individual protection questions answered

Clarification around our claims and underwriting position

With the ongoing challenges presented by COVID-19, more commonly known as Coronavirus, here you will find clarification around our service, claims and underwriting position. This page will be updated regularly with relevant changes and updates that may impact you and your customers.


What is your position on Life, Critical Illness and Income Protection policy claims in relation to COVID-19?

How will you assess Critical Illness claims if there is a delay in receiving medical reports?

I've had the Covid vaccine, will this impact on my ability to make a claim on my life policy?

If I elect NOT to have the vaccine, what impact will this have on my existing policy or any future claims?

If I suffer side effects as a result of having a vaccine would this invalidate a claim on my life insurance policy in the future?


What changes have you made to your underwriting approach as a result of COVID-19?

Have you added any exclusions to your policies?

What if my customer needs a medical screening?

Are you requesting medical evidence?

Can I still put new policies on risk?

Are you still offering cover to health professionals?

What is the best way to get in touch?

What services do you offer regards COVID-19?

What measures do you have in place to make sure you can continue to operate during this period of uncertainty?

Do you offer premium deferrals for individual protection policies?

What else are you doing to support customers at this time?

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