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Responsible investing is growing and becoming mainstream. Clients are becoming more concerned about the green credentials of their investment vehicles – by making sure you offer some of these you’re not only improving your clients’ sustainability, you’re also expanding the market for new clients who want to create a sustainable world too.

It's also worth remembering that new legislation this year means you will have to ask clients their ESG preferences when discussing their investment objectives. We want to try and help you get ahead of the game.

Here you'll find regularly updated information to help you broaden you and your clients's knowledge of ESG as well as practical guidance, CPD accredited training, support and insight around the regulatory changes that may affect your business.

Climate Escalation Programme

This year, Aviva Investors, with the support of Aviva’s Executive Committee, has launched a Climate Escalation Programme, based on the principle of engagement first and exclusion as a last resort. 

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Climate Escalation Programme

In this webcast, hear more from Jerome Nunan and Shane O'Brien from Aviva Investors about the Climate Escalation Programme. 

ESG Know How

Earn CPD points with our ESG training programme. 

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ESG Know How: training programme

This CPD accredited interactive based training programme is designed to help you navigate the ESG landscape, understand the regulatory changes that may affect your business, and provide guidance when it comes to talking to your clients about ESG.

Video resources

Here you'll find our latest videos about ESG.

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Barclays to set net zero carbon target for 2050

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Aviva Climate Action

We're the first major insurer worldwide to target Net Zero carbon by 2040.

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