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Information and support to help give your employees the freedom to invest responsibly

ESG investing means investing money as responsibly as possible in every sense of the word. It looks at environmental and social sustainability and makes sure companies have governance in place to improve that sustainability year on year. Now, consideration of ESG issues is increasingly a mainstream part of investing and one that’s set to grow further as people wake up to the importance of looking after our planet better.

By you choosing a scheme that has a strong ESG investment strategy as a default, or giving your employees the option to invest their pension contributions into ESG or ethical funds, you and your employees can help put pressure on companies to continually improve their position. And taking steps to make the world a better place to live is good for all of us and future generations.

Here you’ll find information and support to help give your employees the freedom to invest responsibly.

Climate Escalation Programme

You'll also be able to access details of our Climate Escalation Programme, launched this year by Aviva Investors, with the support of Aviva’s Executive Committee.  Based on the principle of engagement first with exclusion as a last resort, you can watch the first webinar that took place on 2nd March below.

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Climate Escalation Programme

Live webinar: 2 March 2021 | 10.30 am

Join our webcast to hear more from Jerome Nunan and Shane O'Brien from Aviva Investors on our Climate Escalation Programme

ESG information and support

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ESG vs Ethical Investing: What’s in a name

Find out what ESG is all about and how it’s different to Ethical investing

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ESG Know How

Watch our CPD accredited course designed to help you navigate the ESG landscape, understand the regulatory changes that may affect your business, and provide guidance when it comes to talking about ESG. 

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Investing to improve the world

Investing responsibly has been propelled into the limelight in recent years. The Covid-19 crisis will not be a reason for investors to pull back from this area.

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Change the world with your pension

Do you know how and where your money is being invested? In this podcast, we look at ESG (environmental, social, governance) and ethical investing to find out how your savings can change the world.

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5 reasons responsible investing is good for your employees

Investing for environmental, social and governance reasons creates a feel-good factor around your business as well as your people.

Case studies

Watch our video case studies to see how we're turning talk into action


Marte Borhaug, Global Head of ESG Investment Solutions at Aviva Investors, explains how Aviva Investors influenced Unilever to commit to reducing the amount of plastic it uses by over 50%.

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Union Pacific

Aviva Investors believe Union Pacific can be a winner in our search for more carbon-efficient transport.

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Aviva Investors was a prominent voice in helping Barclays commit to transitioning its entire lending book to net zero by 2050.

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