Pensions and retirement planning

These articles relate to Aviva's retirement product lines.  To assist with client conversations for pre-retirement accumulation, retirement solutions and death benefits.

Divorce and the options for pensions

It should be noted that in this article, references to ‘spouse’ are intended to include ‘civil partner’.

Overseas - opportunities for personal pension members

This article considers some of the queries which may be raised by your personal pension clients, before or after they leave the UK.

Overseas transfer charge

In this article we will look at the overseas transfer charge introduced by the UK government on 8 March 2017 and how this may affect your clients.

Section 32 arramgements, GMPs and transferring

Section 32 arrangements were introduced in the 1981 Finance Act, with their name coming from the relevant section of the Act. 

Tapered annual allowance

In this article we will explain the rules of the tapered annual allowance and identify who is affected by tapering, and by the changes in March 2020. 

Pensions and divorce

There is no one right answer with regards to pensions and divorce and all options should be considered when giving financial advice. 

Pension death benefits I

This article summarises the changes in the new legislation as they affect money purchase benefits, and we then look at planning opportunities for a client with both pension and ISA savings to maximise the death benefits.

Pension death benefits II

This is the second of two articles looking at the changes to the tax treatment of pension death benefits from 6 April 2015.

Pension death benefits, trusts and nominations

In this article, we look at two of the options your clients may have available to them for lump sum death benefits which may become payable under their personal pension plans – placing their plan under a separate trust or making a nomination.

The Importance of Lasting Powers of Attorney

Tony Wickenden, Managing Director at Technical Connection, explains the importance of lasting powers of attorney.

Investment bond taxation – partial withdrawal or full segment encashment

Investment bonds are taxed under the unique chargeable events regime and as such, provide flexibility in terms of how funds can be withdrawn and, often this can be achieved in a tax-efficient manner as explained in this article.

Retirement Planning and the Lifetime Allowance

This article discusses the Lifetime Allowance and the limit on the amount of pension savings that an individual can accrue within their lifetime whilst enjoying the full tax benefits.

Retirement Planning and the Annual Allowance

This article discusses the Annual Allowance and the limit applied to tax relieved savings and/or benefits that can be made by or on behalf of an individual within a single tax year, anything in excess of this will receive a tax charge.

The roles of pensions and lifetime mortgages in an all asset approach to financial planning

This article discusses the roles of pensions and lifetime mortgages in an all asset approach to financial planning.