Pensions and retirement planning

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Pre retirement accumulation

Pensions and Divorce

There is no one right answer with regards to pensions and divorce and all options should be considered when giving financial advice. 

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Overseas - opportunities for personal pension members

An overview of the options available to a member of a UK personal pension scheme when they leave the UK

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Overseas Transfer Charge

In this article we will look at the overseas transfer charge introduced by the UK government on 8 March 2017 and how this may affect your clients.

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Section 32 arrangements, GMPs and transferring

A recap of S32s and GMP and the considerations for transferring

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Tapered Annual Allowance

Details of the new tapered annual allowance announced in the Summer Budget 2015

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Divorce and the options for pensions

Pension issues for a divorcing couple, calculation of values and the opportunities to work with other professionals.

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Death benefits

Pension death benefits 1

A look at the changes to the taxation of pension death benefits from 6 April 2015 and a tax planning opportunity.

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Pension death benefits 2

Planning opportunities to maximise death benefits for future generations.

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Pension death benefits, trusts and nominations

Pension death benefit planning keeping death benefits out of your client's and their spouse's estates

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