Protection planning

These articles relate to Aviva's protection product lines. To assist with client conversations for protection planning.

Benefits of placing life assurance under trust

In this article we will look at an example of someone taking out a new term assurance policy, the advantages and implications of using a trust, and how to set it up.

Freeing people from the fear of uncertainty

Air crashes, acts of terrorism and other events causing mass fatalities are those which all to regularly propel 24 hour news coverage into the homes of your clients.

Life assurance for couples

Where couples are looking to set up term assurance policies, the fundamental choice is between a joint life policy, payable on the first death or two single life policies.

Life assurance for inheritance tax planning

The introduction of the transferrable nil rate band in 2007 resulted in a drop in IHT (inheritence tax) receipts for HMRC in 2008/09 and 2009/10.  In 2019-20 IHT receipts were £5.2 billion*.

The role of trustees

This bulletin explains why life assurance policies should be written under trust and describes what is involved in being a trustee of a simple protection life assurance policy under trust.

Hear from the expert - Income Protection

Income Protection Propotitions Manager, Julie Higman, gives us an insight in to what the last 18 months has meant for income protection

Divorce – Managing life changes - Protection solutions using a trust

When a couple are divorcing it is often necessary to attempt a reconstruction of the couple’s finances in two (potentially unequal) parts. This will be made more complicated if there are young children involved.