Battersea Arts Centre - risen from the ashes

“There was optimism, and there was hope that Battersea Arts Centre would rise from the ashes. I genuinely feel that it wouldn’t have done without the - not just money, but incredible support and guidance of both the loss adjuster and the Aviva team – who were terrific.” 

– David Jubb, CEO & Artistic Director, Battersea Arts Centre

Watch our video to learn more about BAC’s journey from ashes to renovation and how our dedicated claims service can help to support mid-market businesses thrive.

The story  

Four years on from a devasting fire which destroyed the roof of Battersea Arts Centre’s 125-year-old Grand Hall, we visited those who were closely involved in the claim and rebuild process. A community space for artists and theatre productions; events and more, the Grand Hall is BAC’s most important feature, both in terms of heritage and income. 

Dispelling the myth that insurers don’t pay out, this large loss claim story has proven that the relationship and understanding between insurer, broker and end client is key in ensuring their needs are met. Especially in times of tragedy, having an ability to understand, offer guidance and expertise throughout the life of a claim, not only aids a client in getting back on their feet and trading again, but can open up opportunities for their future too.

We understand that every mid-market sized business is unique- Battersea Arts Centre, a Grade II* listed building is a clear example of this. With complex insurance requirements to begin with, our dedicated large loss claims handler, David Baker, explains the intricacies of such property claims, and how himself and the team worked collaboratively with BAC, enabling them to reinstate their loss in a way that would suit them, and the community in which the building is there for. 

Working in partnership meant we could achieve BAC’s ambitions to create a roof that would honour it’s interesting history, but also look forward into the 21st century – resulting in a reconstruction of a roof and ceiling that alludes to the original Victorian design, but hidden beneath lies a myriad of new technology, enabling the centre to cater for a variety of performance types. Watch the full video today.

To find out how you can access tailored insurance solutions and services to ensure your mid-market clients can flourish, please contact your Aviva sales manager or local underwriter. 

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