Risk management support during lockdown and beyond

These challenging and uncertain times have led to an ever-changing risk landscape for us all. You can be assured that our expert risk consultants are here to help you and your clients to manage risks throughout the pandemic and in the long-term. 

Loss prevention standards

Our Aviva Risk Management Solutions team have worked to keep you and your clients up to date with the latest prevention support so you can minimise new risk exposures. We’ve produced 23 loss prevention standards that cover a wide variety of essential COVID-19 related risk management advice, including some industry specific topics such as construction site closures and the Health and Care Sector. 

Following the latest government announcements on how the UK will begin lifting lockdown measures, we’ve created the following Loss Prevention Standards to support your clients with risk management guidance in the sectors which may be in the process starting to reinstate their operations this week. These include:

But we’re not stopping here, we’re continuing to create new guidance as we learn more about the ever-changing situation so please keep an eye out as these develop. 

To access all COVID-19 related loss prevention standards, please visit the COVID-19 hubs on the Aviva Risk Management Solutions or Aviva Broker website

Safety Culture 

In addition to our large inhouse risk capability, our Specialist Partners are fundamental to providing you with the very latest solutions at discounted rates, and our partners too want to ensure they’re doing all they can to help keep you and your clients safe. This month we would like to tell you about SafetyCulture and how businesses can benefit from their offering. 

Monitoring your company’s inspections during lockdown can be made that bit easier through our partnership with SafetyCulture. If you’ve not engaged with them before, take a look – because for 3 months, all Aviva commercial customers can access free premium licences to iAuditor, a Mobile-First inspections app. 

Our Aviva Risk Consultants can support you during this time with the deployment of iAuditor to help you develop and create checklists and provide guidance on scheduling and interpreting your data to optimise the tool’s benefits. Through the app you can also easily access templates and the Aviva loss prevention standards all in one place. 

For more information and to benefit from this offer brought to you by SafetyCulture, and for Terms & Conditions please visit, https://safetyculture.com/aviva/.

Virtual Risk Management

Our Risk Consultants also have virtual risk management capabilities – so your inspections can be taken place virtually via an app-based video system. To learn more about virtual risk management, watch our video.

For more information about Aviva Risk management Solutions and what we are doing to support you and your clients, please speak to your usual Aviva contact or visit our website.