Health & Public Sector

The Healthcare sector is changing and growing at pace, driven by an ageing and health conscious population, medical advances, an increase in long term conditions and reduced state provision.

Working with you, our dedicated teams use their in-depth knowledge to support the evolving needs of corporate businesses in this field. We take the time to understand your client’s activities, processes and values to deliver a bespoke, service-led insurance solution for their physical and intangible assets, which goes beyond protection. It’s what really makes a difference.

We are also a key insurance player in the public sector, offering a variety of covers to public organisations, schools or charities, as well as capacity in the property and liability insurance markets through an MGA. 

Bespoke solutions

Flexible, integrated, innovative products and services built around a prevention first philosophy tailored to client requirements

Direct access to experts

Experienced industry experts in underwriting, claims, risk engineering and client relationship management

Claims excellence

A tailor-made service built around your clients and their industry – dealing with claims efficiently, expertly and above all, fairly

Why Aviva for Health & Public Sector?

Key Features

  • An in depth understanding of your clients’ operations, culture and strategy, along with risks and exposures faced
  • A wide range of products and integrated services to enable the development of bespoke, sustainable solutions
  • Easy access to key decision makers, empowered to deliver solutions in a swift and effective manner
  • Flexible long-term deals to assist in the development of mutually beneficial partnerships
  • A tailor-made claims service, access to dedicated claims service managers and a commitment to vigorously defend your clients against fraudulent or inflated claims
  • Targeted,  innovative risk management support that includes solution orientated, collaborative programmes
  • For larger, more complex clients there’s access to our Client Relationship Management team, who co-ordinate the overall offering and identify areas Aviva could provide additional services and innovative solutions of benefit to your client


We provide insurance solutions to both public and private Health organisations, ranging from NHS trusts to care homes and social services; and to all types of public organisations owned or operated by the government, including councils, schools or housing associations, or charities.

See an overview of our appetite per product


We provide a wide range of flexible covers across our five signature lines and offer a variety of additional products and specialty cover options. We’ve detailed below those that may be most relevant.

  • Property Damage & Business Interruption
  • Liability (Employers’ Liability, Public & Products Liability)
  • Accident & Health
  • Engineering
  • Motor Fleet

The full list of our product suite is available here.

As a composite insurer we can also shape a unique offering, providing access to Life, Pensions, Health and Investment products. 

Risk Prevention

Our Risk Management solutions are built around a ‘prevention first’ philosophy that incorporates targeted risk management programmes and innovative solutions.

We invest in understanding, analysing and minimising threats that have the potential to severely impact a business, to reduce the likelihood of an incident ever occurring. Each client has very particular requirements, with interests and exposures that are unique to the sector and situation. That’s why we create bespoke solutions tailored to individual needs.

We offer dedicated industry risk consultants who will deliver bespoke service plans, as well as providing ongoing risk improvement monitoring and reporting, all supported by the very latest technology and equipment available.  


When it comes to claims, we offer a tailor-made service built around the specific needs of your clients and their industry sector.

Clients and brokers alike can count on Aviva’s market leading team to deal with claims efficiently, expertly and above all, fairly.

Our dedicated Claims Service Managers go beyond traditional client liaison, acting as a personal gateway to our all-encompassing claims service. They fully understand each clients’ business and their requirements from the outset, providing bespoke management information and analysis and attending client and broker meetings as the face of Aviva claims.

Our market leading technical expertise is utilised to provide the most helpful pre-loss advice and integrated with our comprehensive risk engineering service to ensure that no lessons from today’s claims go unheeded tomorrow.

For more information

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