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We’ve learnt through experience that challenges can often bring out the best in us. Over the years, we’ve overcome many challenges together and shown resilience in adapting to new ways of working. The current economic and regulatory landscape is no different, with cost of living increases, supply chain disruption, inflation and underinsurance serving up ongoing challenges for you and your clients.

As our trusted business partners, we’re here to help you and your clients to navigate through these ongoing concerns. Please keep reading to find out more about all the support tools available, now conveniently hosted all in one place.

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Your partnership is what powers us. 

That's why we're proud to win your continued vote...

General Insurer of the Year for 10 years running.

By listening to you, and adding our insight to your expertise, we'll keep building a better tomorrow for our customers, together.

As a partner, we're committed to supporting you, your business, your clients and your community. 

Whatever the challenge, wherever the opportunity lies, whenever your need our support. 

We're here for you to listen, act, inform, advise, grow together - today, tomorrow and beyond.

It takes you. It takes a partnership. It takes Aviva.

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Supporting you and your clients


Helping you recruit, retain and develop talent within your team, while they work toward the Level 3 Insurance Practitioner Standard supported by the Chartered Insurance Institute Qualifications.

Business Law

We can provide your commercial policy holders access to a range of business and legal guides, document builders, interactive checklists and videos that can help them with the running of their business at no extra cost.

Business Resilience & Interruption

Planning to deal with incidents as effectively as possible, and then recover, resume and restore a business to a pre-defined level after an incident, is essential.

Cost of Living

We can help you support your commercial clients, whether that’s offering flexible cover and payment of claims, access to risk management assistance or added-value business support. 


Cyber threats are increasingly common, so clients need to protect themselves from this ever-growing threat.

Environmental, Social and Governance

We've seen businesses of all sizes considering their practical and moral obligations in relation to environmental, social and governance.


Thinking of recruiting? Get support on attracting, selecting, and welcoming new people to your business. 

Supply Chain

Lots of businesses are currently experiencing supply chain disruption. Finding potential areas of improvement and acting upon them can help safeguard your clients customer base, business continuity and ultimately their market position.


In today's landscape, underinsurance is a growing risk. We can help to identify customers who are at risk of being underinsured, backed up by Specialist Partners and risk management expertise.

Vulnerable Customers

Potential signs of vulnerability vary but for commercial customers, this is likely to be linked to financial worries, especially during times of tough economic uncertainty. How can you identify and support vulnerable customers?


We want to help people live their best lives. To help support you and your employees wellbeing, we've gathered a selection of resources to help you look after yourself.

Would you like communications to send to your clients?

We have a range of content for you to use, from cyber and wellbeing, to underinsurance & sustainability, which is completely free. Delivered through Broker Create, you can access a suite of templates for you to personalise with your brand and contact details. You’ll also find a number of videos to download and share, to help you connect & engage with your clients.

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