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We’re anticipating a high volume of claims relating to Storms Dudley and Eunice which may mean our phone lines are busy. During this time you can submit a property claim quickly and easily online using the fields below.

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We are working on it, there is no need to call us - we'll get in touch following the online notification if we need more information.

After submission, please send any supporting photos, quotes and documentation relating to the claim to, quoting the policy number and incident date.

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Please confirm if there is anyone further who should be contacted.

We ideally would like to be able to contact the customer directly for all claims.

Please include an accurate and detailed description of all the damage caused

Due to volumes anticipated from the storms, if emergency repairs are required we request that you source a local contractor to carry out the repairs. Please send the invoice for repairs to, quoting the policy number.

Please provide BACS details so we can issue payment without delay (subject to cover)