Pregnancy, residency and menopause changes

We regularly review our private healthcare products, complementary wellbeing services and claims approach to look for better ways to support you and your clients.

We’ve recently:

  • Updated our residency criteria – giving your clients greater flexibility. 
  • Reviewed our claims approach to pregnancy, in relation to acute conditions which may occur, or be exacerbated as a result of changes to the individual’s body during pregnancy.
  • Clarified our menopause support and enhanced our ‘routine cover of chronic conditions’ benefit option available on our Solutions and Optimum cover to include specialist referrals for menopause.

All changes will take immediate effect and apply to all products except our Essential’s Range.  

Here’s an overview of what’s changed:


Members must have the legal right to reside and be physically living in the UK for the duration of the policy/scheme year, but now have the flexibility to spend up to three months abroad during the policy/scheme year without compromising cover on their policy/scheme.

Pregnancy and childbirth

What’s covered

Our health insurance products typically offer support for people who have complications relating to childbirth.

We’ve now enhanced our pregnancy and childbirth cover so that all policies include cover for acute conditions which an individual may experience as a result of changes to their body during pregnancy such as back pain, pelvic pain, stress incontinence, depression and acute treatment for diabetes and high blood pressure.

What’s not covered

Normal pregnancy and childbirth and related conditions that can only be caused by pregnancy and childbirth. E.g. Pregnancy Testing/monitoring, Foetal monitoring or treatment and Normal Childbirth.


We’ve also clarified and enhanced our support available for perimenopause and menopause.

1.  Support for someone experiencing symptoms that could be related to menopause

We’ll cover the cost of investigations and diagnostic tests to get to the root cause of symptoms such as heavy or irregular periods, bloating and pain. These could be associated with menopause but may also be a sign of an acute medical condition such as endometriosis, fibroids or less commonly, cancer.

If an acute medical condition is diagnosed, we’ll pay for eligible treatment that helps cure the problem.

2. If menopause is diagnosed

If the person’s symptoms are due to menopause they’d still benefit from our added value and support services such as Aviva Digital GP and our menopause information guides. However, cover would typically stop under private healthcare.  This is because private healthcare is there to help someone get better if they have a condition that can be cured. This is known as an acute medical condition. While symptoms of menopause can be managed, just like puberty, menopause is a natural transition that’s part of the ageing process.

3. Option to enhance menopause support

We’ve enhanced our ‘routine cover of chronic conditions’ benefit option available on our Solutions and Optimum cover to include menopause. This enables clients to enhance their menopause support to include specialist referral for menopause consultations and reviews. This includes consultations to discuss HRT/Testosterone prescription as well as advice or monitoring. This benefit can be added at their next renewal if it hasn’t already been selected.

We do not cover HRT/Testosterone themselves as they are ‘take home drugs or dressings’ which can be obtained through the NHS by prescription.

For more information about the recent changes and our products and services, please contact your usual Aviva Account Manager.