BacktoBetterDigital makes innovative care faster

When someone is in pain or discomfort with a musculoskeletal condition, they want treatment to begin as soon as possible. And these days, people expect to be able to access services at any time of the day from their mobile devices. That includes healthcare.

The pandemic accelerated the need for digital healthcare, but customers are now using online services through choice. By the end of November 2022, the volume of Aviva Digital GP registrations was three times greater than at the end of February 2020, three weeks before the first lockdown.

This year, we’ve also seen a significant growth in the number of customers choosing to start their claims online. Between 2020 and 2021, we saw a 54% increase in health claims started online. Between 2021 and November 2022, this figure skyrocketed to 96%. 

All in all, it looks like digital healthcare is here to stay – and it’s transforming how patients and healthcare professionals interact.

Greater control over treatment and recovery

Our BacktoBetter service doesn’t rely on a GP referral, so it’s already faster than other services, but we’ve made it even speedier by bringing it online.

Available through Solutions, our new digital access to the service lets customers:

  • do an online assessment to pinpoint their treatment needs 24/7, 365 days a year
  • book their own appointments and manage their exercise programme
  • have tele-physio with experts experienced in delivering safe, effective video consultations
  • book their own face-to-face physiotherapy appointments at a clinic near them
  • access their treatment reports to share with GPs or specialists

By logging on through a smartphone, tablet or laptop, customers can start the ball rolling whenever and wherever works for them. And if they need support with their treatment, they can always speak to a case manager.

BacktoBetterDigital gives them the best of both worlds – greater control over their treatment but the chance to speak to a real person when they need help. 

Find out more

Read our leaflet to find out more about how BacktoBetterDigital works. You can also download it and share with your clients. 

You can also speak to your usual healthcare consultant.

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