Company Health Essentials

Company Health Essentials offers two low-cost alternatives to standard health insurance. It can help employers to support all their employees, not just those at the top of the business. And at the same time, they can help protect themselves from lengthy employee absences.

Company Cancer Essentials

Upfront cash benefit for eligible claims - plus access to drugs recommended,  but not funded by, the NHS, as well as ongoing support throughout treatment

Company Physio Essentials

Our 3-step process that aims to get employees back on their feet faster - includes physiotherapy and self-management plans designed to fit around the employee’s life

No underwriting

Making the Essentials products very easy to set up – which means a lower-cost product for your clients

Product details

Cancer Essentials

The diagnosis and treatment of cancer is a difficult time for employees and their families. It’s important that beneficial medical advice is readily available before, during and after treatment, as well as access to the necessary drugs. And this isn’t always available under the NHS.

That’s where we can help. Company Cancer Essentials provides valuable financial and emotional support to employees diagnosed with cancer.

It’s important to fully understand this product’s details, as this will help you conduct a compliant sale. Full details of cover options and exclusions are listed in the product's brochure.

Currently available to company-paid or company-paid flex schemes insuring 250+ lives, and employee-paid flex schemes offered to 2,500 lives or more. The premium offered will depend on the ages of the individuals to be insured, and whether or not they smoke.

What’s covered by Company Cancer Essentials?

What isn’t covered?

How is the cost calculated?


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Physio Essentials

We want to be there to support employees through difficult times by offering flexible health cover. Company Physio Essentials provides support and guidance which aims to help restore an employee’s body movement after injury or illness.

It’s a low-cost option for employers concerned about the long and short-term health of their people. It gives employees access to a physiotherapist and exercise programmes which fit around their lives, helping them to get better, faster.

There’s no underwriting on Company Physio Essentials.

It’s important to fully understand this product’s details, as this will help you conduct a compliant sale. Full details of cover options and exclusions are listed in the brochure.

Available for company-paid schemes covering 250+ lives and for flex schemes offered to 2,500 lives or more where the employee is paying through salary sacrifice.

What’s covered by Company Physio Essentials?

What’s not covered?

How is the cost calculated?

Target Market Statement


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