Help using our digital services

We want to make sure that everyone has equal access to all our online services. 

Vision and cognition

If you have a visual impairment or disability, changing the settings of your internet browser or using voice-to-speech technology may help.

To increase the size of the text on the screen or to magnify the screen, go to the ‘Settings’ menu on your internet browser. Depending on which browser you use (e.g. Internet Explorer, Edge, Google Chrome), you’ll find the option to increase the text size under ‘Preferences’ or ‘View’.

Most browsers will also have a text-to-speech function within their ‘Settings’ menu that will read out the text on the screen, as well as descriptions of the images.

Braille, large font, audio material

To request large print or braille copies of any of our literature, speak to your usual Aviva contact.

Hearing and speech

If you’re deaf or have a hearing impairment, or you have difficulty with your speech, you can access the TextRelay service (or Next Generation Text (NGT) service that’s replaced it) by dialling ‘18001’ before our number.

You’ll be connected to a relay assistant who will join the call between you and us. They’ll read out the text you’ve typed using your text phone or other device.

The relay assistants are bound by confidentiality and any details you share with them, such as identification details or financial information are secure and protected.

Additional support

If you have any difficulties accessing our website and digital services, please let us know:

Aviva  Advisers - Please contact:

Aviva Life Online Support Team                Telephone: 0800 056 4607*
Carrara Wing
Island Site

Surrey Street

Aviva Brokers - Please contact:

Aviva Broker Online Support Team            Telephone: 0800 158 2224*
Antico Floor 8
Island Site
Surrey Street


Aviva Healthcare Intermediaries - Please contact:

Aviva Health Trading Team                         Telephone: 0800 158 3348*
PO Box 962

SO50 0AB

* Calls to 0800 numbers from UK landlines and mobiles are free. For our joint protection telephone calls may be recorded and/or monitored.

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