A round-up of the support on offer to get you back to business

In October 2020, we launched our series informing you about what you can expect from us and our external suppliers. We’ve joined up with them to bring you support to the common challenges your business may be facing post-Covid. We’ve provided you with simple, step-by-step help to tackle business issues that may be getting in the way of your future success.

Watch the first video here

Professional Indemnity Resilience

We asked our experts to provide you with some specialist guidance on taking positive steps to reduce the risk of a Professional Indemnity claim happening and how to increase your ability to defend a claim should the worst happen. You can watch the video below to understand this issue, plus you can then download the PI Guide using the link below.

Watch the video here

In the PDF guide, you’ll find a checklist provided by our expert compliance supplier RWA to help you manage PI risk.

Download the PI Guide here

Business Planning

There’s never been a better time to think about ensuring your business plan is fit for the current times. As Phil Bayles, our Chief Distribution Officer, said in response to our recent Broker Barometer report that “The remainder of 2020 and much of 2021 is likely to present a challenge to brokers as the market continues to harden and we continue to face the uncertainty that Covid-19 presents. These circumstances, along with the new trading situations that will come when we leave the EU, mean that brokers will need to remain flexible but also diligent in how they plan and respond to their trading environment”.

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In the guide linked below, you’ll find some practical advice on Business Planning. It has five steps to guide you in creating a plan that’s right for your business.

Download the Guide here


As we go into 2021, there’s still some uncertainty about Covid-19 and working situations. People are under pressure, facing new and different ways of working and trying to maintain a work-life balance when work and home may now be the same place. Their usual support may feel further away due to isolation and the disconnect from colleagues. Now is a good time to review your strategy for your staff’s wellbeing to help you move into next year happily and healthily.

Watch the video here

In the guide below, you’ll find five top tips on wellbeing for your staff from Aviva’s wellbeing Lead, Debbie Bullock. The PDF also advises you about further support available from us for your employees.

Download the Guide here