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Delivering tailored insurance solutions

The UK mid-market reflects a dynamic and innovative group of businesses, often described as the UK’s economic engine. With an ever-changing business landscape, being able to understand and manage new and emerging risks is critical to business success.

Our approach is based on working in partnership, dovetailing your existing capabilities to provide tailored insurance solutions, beyond just protection. Our locally based underwriters combine comprehensive cover with claims and client relationship management and expert risk consultancy. Allowing us to deliver an integrated, service-led proposition that is flexible, future focused and expands expectations of mid-market insurance.

Aviva Mid-Market is designed to meet the needs of UK domiciled businesses up to £250m.

Our industry-focused approach

Businesses operating in the mid-market space cover all industry segments across the length and breadth of the UK. Our industry-focused approach helps ensure our capabilities, products and services are tailored to the specific needs of each industry.

Arts & Culture

For businesses and attractions focused on creativity and heritage, including galleries, museums and theatres.

Charities & Not for Profit

For businesses whose primary objectives are focused on social well-being and serving the public interest, including a wide range of charities and not for profit organisations.


For businesses who deal with all elements of on-site construction and property investment, including builders, contractors and civil engineers. 


For institutions whose primary purpose is to provide education, including independent schools, colleges and universities.

Health & Social Care

For businesses that offer a mix of primary and secondary care, including private clinics and practices, hospitals, hospices and nursing care.

Manufacturing & Industry

For businesses engaged in the transformation of raw materials and the manufacture of components and finished goods, including manufacturers of wood, plastics and fabricated metal products.

Motor Industry

For businesses who deal in the sale, repair, service, inspection and testing of motor vehicles, specifically dealing with cars and vans (<7.5t GVW).

Professional & Business Services

For office-based businesses that are predominantly involved in non-manual work, including financial and legal services, management and IT consultants, architects and analytical chemists.

Real Estate

For businesses involved in all aspects of ownership and development of commercial or residential properties.

Retail & Wholesale

For businesses that sell or distribute a wide range of goods operating from single or multiple locations, including a wide range of retailers and shopping outlets.


For businesses involved in the production and assembly of a wide variety of electronic components and machinery, from process control equipment to communications and medical equipment. 

Why Aviva for mid-market?

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We recognise that every mid-market business is unique. We look to understand the specific processes and values that make up your clients’ businesses to deliver tailored insurance solutions which provide:


Comprehensive cover

Our commercial combined wording offers comprehensive, warranty free coverage across property damage, business interruption, contract works, employers’ liability and public & products liability. We continually review our wordings against customer and market challenges providing you and your clients with a level of certainty you can rely upon. 

Whole customer underwriting

The breadth of product range and capability we have allows us to underwrite all your clients’ cover requirements. Our expert underwriters leverage data and analytics to undertake real-time assessments of coverage, limits and emerging risks. This, supported by ‘ask-it-never’ quotations and customised loss prevention solutions, helps us to serve you and your clients more effectively.


Trust and confidence

We can offer a Fair Presentation of Risk Guarantee*, as well as warranty free policies and a fast, fair and reliable claims service including duel remedies. This helps ensure that at the point of claim, you and your clients can have confidence in their cover.


Specialist industry expertise

Our locally based underwriters are experienced in supporting clients across all sectors, with the support of industry experts who truly understand the issues and requirements mid-market businesses face. They are supported by dedicated risk consultants, claims managers and client relationship managers who are focussed on building a service proposition tailored to their needs.


A long-term business partner

In an ever-changing business landscape, a long-term partnership can provide your clients with the stability required to gain a competitive edge. That’s why we can offer long term deals with rate commitments and profit shares, subject to eligibility, as part of our proposition. A business partnership that includes business support funding and compliance, technology, legislation and globalisation consultancy, supports the future goals of your clients’ business. 


*subject to acceptance criteria


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