For hard to place cover

Do you ever struggle to place business?

It happens. Which is why we created Marketplace - to offer you trusted solutions for those hard-to-place risks.

Marketplace offers a refreshed range of hand-picked specialist products and expert providers.

Our Marketplace products


Business and Professional


Freight and Carrier



Religious and Charity


London Market Facility

Miles Smith – our chosen London Market supplier for placing risks outside of our underwriting appetite. Miles Smith are one of the largest Independent brokers who have been providing solutions for over 30 years, with a highly sophisticated range of products and services for many specialist and high-risk industries such as Recycling to Asbestos Removal.

More about Marketplace

We select our Marketplace providers for their specialist products and expertise in their fields. And Marketplace is now even better than before:

  • Extensive range of specialist products – all in 1 place
  • Solutions from industry experts who can give you the advice and support you need
  • Client sovereignty guaranteed – client ownership will always be retained by you
  • All products are underwritten by Aviva, so you can have complete faith in the first-class cover and claims service your clients will receive
  • SLA agreements in place with all providers
  • Free access with no fees to pay
  • No re-solicitation commitment – our providers will never knowingly make use of any information relating to your clients
  • If the product you need isn’t listed, Marketplace also offers you the service of a London Market facility provided by our trusted partner Miles Smith
  • In addition, all new business counts towards your existing Club 110 Aviva Deal

Browse our product selection to find what you need. Click to find out more and get a quote. And if you’ve any questions or feedback please let us know. Contact Michael Philpott at