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For more than 320 years, we've been there for customers when they need us most. Getting your customers back to normal following a loss and doing this as quickly as possible is at the heart of what we do. 

Whether your customer needs to make a claim on their home insurance or they're a large corporate client, when the unexpected happens, our claims experts aim to manage claims as efficiently and fairly as possible. 

At Aviva we're proud to use our influence to campaign for industry change, such as the whiplash reforms, in order to help make things fairer for our customers. 

On this page, you'll be able to find out more about our claims service as well as how to make a new claim or manage an existing one.

Making a claim

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Gather key claim information

You or your customer should aim to provide as much detail as possible regarding the incident; for example contact details for any other involved parties, witnesses, photos, diagrams, videos and the position of any CCTV cameras. 

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Report the claim

As soon as you and your customer have the relevant information please report the claim as soon as possible. The earlier we're made aware of an incident, the sooner we can act to keep costs down and reduce the chances of a fraudulent claim being made. 

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Your claims contact

Once the claim has been reported to us, your claims contact will be there to guide you and your customer through the next steps of the claim process.


Claims contacts

Claims Contacts

We have a variety of teams to make sure that whatever the policy, your customers' claim will be handled by the right people.

Your claims contacts

Claims resources and guidance

Your customer guide to claims

Find out more about our claims service, our expert teams and what your customers can expect from us when they need us most. 

First Notification of Loss

Delays in claims can lead to a variety of additional costs which could impact your customer's insurance and operating costs in the future. The sooner a claim is reported, the sooner we can help. Our short video shows how delayed notification of an incident can impact the overall cost of the claim.

Claims inflation guide

What’s driving up the cost of claims? Find out more about the factors influencing the claims trends we’re seeing and the impact on claims costs as a result.

Claims fraud

We take fraud very seriously. It’s all about protecting you and your customers. We’re proud of our ongoing effort to tackle fraud in the insurance industry and our campaign against ‘cash for crash’ claims. So, what have we been doing around fraud?

Self-service claims features

You can now access claims data, tracking and notification functionality online. To register for these services log in to Aviva Broker, go to the Claim tab and select the ʻRequest access hereʼ button. Your access will be enabled within 48 hours and youʼll receive a confirmation email to let you know when it's happened.

Online claim notification

Our enhanced Notify Claim capability lets you report any client motor or property claim online by using the new ‘Notify Claim’ button in the Claims tab. There will be pre-filled information based on your profile, and you'll only see questions relevant to the type of claim, saving you valuable time. On submission, you'll get a claim number and will be able to track it immediately in Track Claim.

Claims data and tracking

You can access claims data and track a claim online. With Claims Data, you can access data and insight for the past 5 years, including claims by type, cause, frequency and cost. And with Track Claim, you can view a snapshot of activity for up to the last 90 days, and view individual claims to gain real time updates.

Claims tool guidance

To find out more about how to use these online claims tools, we've put together some useful claims guidance and video demonstrations to help make claims management easier.

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