Optimism in the boardroom with the Aviva Future Leader Programme

The Aviva Future Leader Programme has been running since 2018 and has so far seen three classes of delegates taking part in the two year training, coaching and mentoring programme to develop their broker business leadership skills. And whilst the course continues, the last 18 months have been a different experience...

The challenges of the early days of the pandemic saw many of our future leader delegates quickly adjusting to help get their colleagues and businesses working safely in covid secure environments. The accredited learning was paused and instead our Learning and Development team and programme partners focused on supporting delegates more broadly. All delegates (including our graduated 2018/2019 class) met virtually through the pandemic, drawing on the value of this network during an uncertain time to discuss topics including workplace challenges, wellbeing and managing effective teams virtually.

One delegate shared “The continuation of the group calls during lockdown was a really good way of keeping connected with the other members of the cohort. Hearing about how each of our businesses were faring during 2020 and the varying challenges was a real help. I took away a lot to discuss with our team.”

Since the start of 2021, the formal learning has restarted with our second cohort on track to graduate in December and our third cohort already a quarter of the way through the programme. The sessions are held bi-monthly, and whilst delegates have embraced virtual learning, we also know our delegates, like many brokers, cannot wait to get back to face to face learning and networking from July. “After some initial reservations on the impact of virtual sessions; I now feel these doubts were unfounded. The sessions remain interactive and enjoyable.” - delegate feedback.

You can find out more about our current delegates or about the programme by visiting Aviva Broker. Recruitment for cohort 4 starts in July and we'll share more details of the programme and opportunities for more future leaders then.