Business built on partnerships

Supporting the growth ambitions of mid-market businesses by working with you as a trusted partner, can provide real value to the running of their business.

Mid-market businesses in the UK are key drivers of the UK economy, however they are all too often overlooked as they’re generally larger than the small businesses that benefit from government support and too small to have in-house risk management and associated support.

Our approach, for mid-market businesses, with annual turnovers between £5m and £100m per year, is to provide tailored insurance solutions that look to combine comprehensive cover with access to first class risk consultancy, claims and client relationship management. 

Providing exceptional service is critical, and investment in data analytics to remove complexity allows our underwriters to focus on delivering value to you and your mid-market clients at the point of demand. For example, we can highlight potential areas of underinsurance and provide quotations for specialist covers as well as being able to provide documentation at the point of sale. 

Our Mid-Market proposition is built on delivering integrated insurance solutions through;

Whole customer underwriting

Access to regionally based underwriters who will act as a focal point to tailor relevant covers, products and loss prevention solutions. Leveraging our data and insight allows us to identify potential gaps and areas of emerging risk and deliver future-focused insurance solutions.

Specialist industry expertise

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all and that’s why our underwriters are supported by first-class in-house risk consultancy, claims management, and dedicated client relationship management*. We will work to understand and dovetail your existing capabilities to develop the right service proposition for you and your mid-market clients. 

Defying uncertainty

Our goal is to ensure you and your mid-market clients get the right outcome every time, through understanding your clients’ business, processes and values. We provide Fair Presentation of Risk Guarantee*, warranty free policies and fast, fair and reliable claims. Allowing your clients to focus on achieving their ambitions with the peace of mind that what matters is protected.

Long-term business partner

In a world of increasing uncertainties, having a longer-term approach through 3 and 5 year agreements, that include all your clients covers, means we can provide stability and certainty. This creates the opportunity work in partnership with you to become a trusted advisor, beyond protection, through the delivery of business support funding and timely relevant and future focused advice.

We believe that this, combined with our unrivalled breadth of products, our heritage and expertise, as well as financial strength and stability really sets us apart and enables us to provide a level of support which allows mid-market businesses to thrive.

To find out more please contact your Aviva sales manager or your local underwriter.