We’ve expanded our Minifleet product for Truck business

Did you know our online Minifleet product can cater for Trucks up to 44 tonnes(T)?

Whether it's a single vehicle or larger schedules (up to a max of six over 7.5T), we’ve appetite to write this business via our product on Fast Trade, providing you a platform to place and manage more business online.

What's Aviva’s appetite for Truck business?

Although our core appetite is for Own Goods risks such as Construction trades using trucks to transport items of plant or building material to site, or Wholesale trades such as carpet or flooring wholesalers, we do have the capability to write Haulage risks*.

Whilst this capability is broad, we have an appetite for Haulage risks:  

  • Where the business has been established for a minimum of three years.
  • Where it’s claims experience rated with low frequency and low cost claims.
  • That comprise of newer vehicles.
  • With a mature driving force with low driver turnover and limited use of agency drivers.
  • With low/no exposure to overseas use, hazardous goods and/or locations.
  • Where preventative technology has been installed on the majority of vehicles e.g. autonomous emergency braking.
  • Where proactive risk management is in place e.g. telematics data is being used to promote consistent good driving behaviour (applicable to larger vehicle schedules).
  • That have Green Operators Compliance Risk scores (information not available in public domain but clients can obtain it from the DVSA). For more information see here.

How do I get a quote?

To test our Truck capability, log in to Aviva Broker and head over to our Five Star rated Fast Trade platform today**.

Simply enter the quote details and we’ll provide you with an instant quote, unless a referral trigger has been hit. In the event of a referral, one of our underwriters will be on hand to work with you to try and find a solution for your client.

Important – Goods Vehicle Operators Licences

Risks that include vehicles 3.5T and over (or unladen eight of 1525kg) usually require an Operators Licence*** granted by the Traffic Commissioner to ensure the safe and proper use of Goods Vehicles. There are three types of licence depending on where goods (including own goods) are transported to and from, and for whom it's done.

We’re unable to provide cover for a risk that requires an Operators Licence but doesn't have one, including not having the correct type. Please ensure you check this information with your clients before providing confirmation under the ‘Vehicle use’ section of the Fast Trade quote journey. You ‘ll also be asked to record the Operators Licence number. 

Updates to the Highway Code

Changes to the Highway Code came into effect in January 2022. Under the new Code, those road users who can cause the greatest harm have the greatest responsibility to reduce the danger they pose to other Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs).

With Vans and HGVs sitting at the top end of this hierarchy, there's additional emphasis on the responsibility that sits with the drivers of these vehicles in maintaining safe practices on the roads.

We’ve created a visual guide to the Highway Code changes that you can share with your clients. You download that here. For additional information on the impact of these changes to your commercial motor clients, check out this article on Aviva Broker.

*We're unable to write Haulage risks in Northern Ireland.

**Based on results from the Insurance Times etrade survey 2021: https://www.insurancetimes.co.uk/etrading-report-2021/

*** Some exemptions apply . Visit Being a goods vehicle operator: Exemptions for more information.