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From the brokers who've completed Marketing Elevator so far...
  • Nearly 90% of brokers1 are keen to learn how to optimise their website for search engines.
  • A quarter of brokers do no social media marketing.2
  • Less than ½ have an up-to-date LinkedIn profile.3
  • 1 in 5 say they don’t ‘get’ social media.4

Any of those sound familiar to you?

When we don’t have as much time or money to spend on marketing as we’d like, it can be tricky to know where to start. The Aviva Marketing Elevator is a simple, self-serve tool that makes it quick and easy to take that next step – by helping you answer questions such as;

  • What am I doing well?
  • What can I improve?
  • Where's my effort best spent? 
  • How do I stack up against other brokers?

Then, based on your responses, it points you towards tailored resources on Broker Mentor that can help you take your marketing to the next level. All you need to use Marketing Elevator is your Aviva Broker log-in. Try it today

Already used Marketing Elevator? Maybe now’s the time to take the next step up

After being given your score and directed to relevant guides on how to improve, there’s no doubt you must have upped your marketing game.

So why not seize the opportunity and revisit your answers today? Not only could you see how you’ve improved, but if you’ve moved up a level, you’ll be pointed to more advanced content to help you grow your marketing skills further. And for those of you with a competitive streak, don’t forget that once you get your score, you’ll see how you fare against the ‘Broker Average’. 

Always learning, always growing

Evaluate your marketing and see how you score against your peers.

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Data sourced from Aviva Marketing Elevator.
1 Do you want to know how to optimise your website?
2 What are your main reasons for using social media marketing?
3 Do you and your team all have up to date LinkedIn profiles, including a photo?
4 Do you know how to use social media for business marketing and client identification?