We've expanded our appetite on Commercial Combined

In response to an increased demand to digitise more Commercial Combined business, we’ve expanded the capability of our online product to help you place even more business online.

What’s Changing 

Following a full review of our online Commercial Combined product, the following enhancements will go live, effective Monday 20 September via Fast Trade and Acturis eTrade:  

Increasing our limits for North American Exports 

For acceptable trades, we’re increasing our limits from 35% to 50% of turnover for exports to USA and Canada, with no changes to our current referral process. All you need to do is send us a fully completed North American Questionnaire in the usual way, then we’ll assess the risk and get right back to you. 

Improving our straight through quote rates for Asia Imports 

Approximately half of the trades that currently refer for this reason will now quote straight through, delivering you more quotes quickly. And you can continue to refer those cases where we need a little more information to understand the risk, with a view of helping you place as much business online.   

Expanding our Trade list 

We’ve reviewed and expanded our trade capability, adding over 100 extra trades to our list. 

These enhancements to product capability and online quotability are the latest improvements we’ve made to Commercial Combined and follow on from the changes we made to our upper limit acceptance criteria in April

  • £10m turnover limit*  
  • £10m total combined sum insured limit per location*  
  • up to 10 risk locations 

*Limit thresholds can vary dependent upon specific trade. 

We remain committed to developing this product following your feedback that told us you want to place more of this business online, and we have further improvements planned. 

Making it easier to place business 

To make sure we’re taking full advantage of these changes, and to help inform us on future changes, we encourage you to try Fast Trade first for your Commercial Combined quotes. To help make this easier, we have an integrated ‘Offline Referral’ option, so should a risk not fit Fast Trade, we’re able to seamlessly explore alternative solutions for you. Simply click a button and we’ll refer your risk to one of our dedicated underwriters. 

The quote details you’ve already keyed will be automatically submitted along with any additional information and/or documents that you feel will give us a better understanding of the risk. Our underwriter will review your submission and make contact to discuss a potential solution.  

This avoids you having to re-submit the risk and ensures trading is as efficient as possible for you. 

Please log in to Fast Trade today to check out the new changes for yourself. We will continue to update you on further enhancements to our online service offering, as there is still more to come.  

The importance of your feedback 

If you’d like to leave us some feedback on the Commercial Combined (CCI) enhancements - or any other comments you may have – select ‘Feedback’ within the ‘Options’ menu in Fast Trade and tell us what you think. 

In addition to Fast Trade being awarded five stars in this year’s E-Trading Report, Aviva have recently been shortlisted as finalists in Insurance Times’ ‘Excellence in E-trading’ and ‘Best Insurer Extranet’ award. We wanted to say thank you. Your feedback is instrumental in helping us to shape our online propositions, and these awards are recognition of us working together to deliver platforms and services that you can rely on.