Further developments in digital capability for claims

Last month, as part of our continued investment in digital capability, we told you about ‘Notify Claim’ for Motor, with Property coming soon. We can announce that Property is live – you can now report both Property and Motor claims online, 24/7 365 days a year on the claims section of the Aviva Broker website.

If you’ve already started using Notify Claim functionality for Motor, you’ll be familiar with the benefits that now extend to Property. If you’re yet to give it a try, here’s a reminder of the key features. Of course for a large/complex claim or if help is needed immediately, contacting us by phone remains the best route.

Key features of Notify Claim:

  • More easily accessible on the Aviva Broker website, via the Claims tab
  • Flexible notification without the need to call
  • Only see questions relevant to the type of claim and your input
  • Pre-filled information to reduce re-keying
  • Vehicle registration and property address look-up for both the policyholder and third-party vehicles
  • Ability to check for duplicate claims and a check to ensure the policy is in force at the time of incident
  • Know we’ve got it - on submission get a claim number and see it immediately in Track Claim

For existing users of our online claims services, you’ll already have access to this functionality. If you’ve not yet given it a try getting started is simple. You’ll first need to be registered for the Aviva Broker website. Once registered, log in, go to the Claims tab, and select the ‘Request access here’ button. Your access will be enabled within 48 hours, and you’ll receive a confirmation email. 

The ‘Notify Claim’ button is located in the Claims tab alongside Track Claim and Claims Data.

You can watch this quick demonstration video to walk you through Notify Claim: 

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Transcript  for video Notify Claim

Here at Aviva, we continue to invest in digital capability. Notify Claim functionality allows you to report a motor or property claim online 24/7 365 days a year.


For access to Notify Claim, you'll need to be registered for the Aviva Broker website.


Once registered, simply log in, go to the claims tab and select the request access here button.


Your access will be enabled within 48 hours, and you'll receive a confirmation email. To tell us about a new claim, visit Aviva Broker.


Select the claims tab and notify claim.


Select the type of claim you want to report.


Remember, if the policy holder needs assistance or if it's a large or complex loss, you should still call us so we can get them the right help.


You'll need the policy number, vehicle registration number, details of what happened, and of any other parties involved.


There's a lookup section for the policy holder, and you can check that there isn't already a claim set up and that the policy is in force. You'll only see questions that are relevant to the type of claim you are telling us about, and you'll see your progress to the left of the screen.


We know you may not have all the information on day one, but that won't stop you notifying a claim. You can provide further information after submission. Information such as your broker details will be pre-filled, so you'll have less keying in to do.


Tell us who you want the main contact to be, and we'll get in touch to progress the claim.


You'll get confirmation that the claim has been registered and receive the claim number, which you can see immediately in the Track Claim pages.


We make changes based on your feedback.


If you have any questions, please get in touch with your Claims Service Manager.

If you haven’t yet used our existing Track Claim and Claims Data features, do give those a look too. Even if you don’t work in claims, the information you get from Claims Data and Track Claim can help you understand the claims history for your clients, helping you when it comes to policy renewal.

We’re continually looking to improve the functionality of these services and making ongoing enhancements to make sure it works for you. If you have any feedback or comments, please let us know by emailing brokerclaimdata@aviva.com or speaking to your Claims Service Manager.

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